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Why didn’t some people receive my message?


Anyone subscribed to Do Not Disturb (dnd), may not receive bulk SMS. We have a Corporate Platform on the same website (unikmsg.com) that ensures everyone, including dnd Subscribers receive messages sent.


A unit on the platform cost N3.5K and has to set up on an account by an Administrator.

Please call/mail: 23480-38-34-8502/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for any necessary assistance


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Do you have a msg history tab

We have a message history page but we call it "sent messages". You can find it on the left hand side when you log in.

Are you able to send bulk sms internationally.

Our platform can send messages to international numbers as well as cdma and gsm nos.
You can try it.
Thank you for your interest.

How will a reseller own a website of his own

If you become our reseller, we'll create a website for you. The reseller fees include the complete website that we'll create for you plus the domain name and hosting.

Is the reseller set up fee a one off payment?

Yes, the setup fee is a one off payment.

Do SMS credits expire?

No! Our SMS credits do not expire. You can use them anytime.

Can you send cdma numbers

Yes! We send to cdma numbers. To send to cdma numbers, use a numeric sender id.

How long it will take to set up a reseller site after payment.

It takes a maximum of 5 working days to set up a reseller account after

How do i buy SMS credit


Type the number of sms you need inside the box provided and it will show you the total price in Naira.


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